Westchester Magazine, August 01, 2016

What Our Top Chefs Love To Eat

My favorite dish...

Chicken Scarparo at La Monda's in White Plains
“It’s my go-to and is always spectacular. The dish is not only nostalgic for me but also awakens your palette with the balance of vinegar and spice from the peppers. And La Manda’s gets that balance right every time.” 

At my restaurant I'd order...
Scallop Salad
“The scallop salad has become a favorite because of its harmonic blending of flavors and textures. The frisée provides some bitterness and crunch, the scallops sweetness and silkiness, the bacon gives it some smoke and chew, potatoes for earthiness, lemon dressing for acidity, and, finally, the sunny-side egg provides smoothness and creaminess.”

Written by Westchester Magazine on August 01, 2016
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